Sugar & What?

Anita Perry of Sugar and Sloth

I’m Anita, the Illustrator and lady boss behind Sugar & Sloth.

I live on the outskirts of Bath, England, along with any cats I can entice into my home and a husband. When I’m not drawing sarcastic unicorns I like to stalk dogs in my local park and stuff my face with Japanese food.

↞↞ About Sugar & Sloth ↠↠

I started Sugar & Sloth in 2015 in an effort to fill the world with more adorably inappropriate cats and sassy cuteness.

I base my business on these three principles:

Sugar & Sloth customer promise

↞↞ My Process ↠↠
I hand draw all my designs, and then scan them into the computer to work on them digitally. I am permanently attached to a notebook and pen, as you never know when inspiration might strike! I care about our lovely planet, so all my paper products are either 100% recycled or from a sustainable source.

↞↞ Wholesale ↠↠
Sugar & Sloth has been seen in Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Design Taxi. We have a range of brick and mortar stockists throughout the UK and Europe, including Scribbler UK. If you are interested in becoming a stockist please get in touch for more information.

Where our products are now!

This map is a rough guide to Sugar & Sloth world domination!

Your privacy – this map only uses postcodes as markers, never ever your address or name – I will always protect your personal information.


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